New Castle Bathroom Remodeling

There is nothing quite like being able to relax in the privacy of your bathroom after a long day. If you want to make the most of this space, consider allowing Comfort Shower and Bath to give your bathroom a quick renovation. We offer a selection of bathroom remodeling services in New Castle that transform your bath or shower into a luxurious hideaway. Even better, we offer swift results with our licensed installers completing most work in just one day. Find out more about getting:

Get a Designer New Castle Bathtub Replacement

Every bathtub starts to wear out with extended use. If yours is looking less than attractive, let us provide a swift bathtub removal and installation in as little as one day. Our team of installers have more than 20 years of experience in the remodeling industry. We also use a state-of-the-art process with custom manufacturing to ensure your new bath installation is watertight.

A Tailored New Castle Shower Replacement

Are you thinking about updating your existing shower enclosure? Get a brand-new look with a replacement shower installation by Comfort Shower and Bath. Every detail of our shower enclosures can be personalized down to the color of the walls and type of hardware used. We have a wide range of shower styles and wall surrounds available. Thanks to our fast contractors and made-to-measure manufacture, the shower removal and replacement will also be completed faster than you can believe.

Redesigning Spaces with New Castle Bath Conversions

If you are struggling to use a bathtub you don't like or a shower when you'd rather soak, Comfort Shower and Bath has the solution. We'll provide a comprehensive bath conversion that transforms your tub to a shower or the shower to a tub using premium products. Get the look and style of this well-known brand and the convenience of a new bath or shower too.

Handicap Accessible Walk-in Tubs with Designer Features

For those with mobility limitations, using a standard bath/shower combo is difficult and potentially hazardous. Stay safe without sacrificing comfort or independence by installing a walk-in bathtub. These handicap accessible fixtures feature swing-open doors, built-in seating, and easy to use controls, while also boasting strong whirlpool jets and a cozy heated surface.

Sign Up for a Free Estimate on a New Castle Bathroom Remodel

It is time to update your bathroom with the New Castle remodeling services of Comfort Bath and Shower. Our team is happy to help you design and install a new shower or bathtub with a selection of tailored features.

If you are interested in learning more, give us a call or fill out our online form today. A representative will be happy to arrange your complimentary home consultation and price estimate.

Custom Bathroom Remodeling Solutions in Chicago

Whether you’re looking to swap your old bath or shower for a newer model, or you’d like something specifically designed to soothe aching muscles and pressure points.

Manufacturer-Trained Installers

Our crewmembers share over two decades of industry experience, and each technician is meticulously trained to install and service our quality products.

One-Year Limited Warranty

Experience complete peace of mind with virtually any purchase; our fixtures and accessories are protected with a one-year limited manufacturer warranty!

Fully Personalized Bath Designs

No matter what you’re looking to add, we’ll take measurements of your current space to ensure it can accommodate your remodeling ambitions.

One-Day Remodeling

Save time and money while minimizing room downtime for your home’s most integral area. The Comfort team can install your ideal fixture and reinvigorate your space in as little as one day!